European River Network Roundtable on "new solutions for flood management" - Paris 8 decembre 2017

Among other participants were the Ministry of Environnement (DGPR – Risk prevention directorate), EPTB Seine Grands Lac, the Seine Normandie Water Agency, the Syndicat de rivière de l’Yvette (SIAHVY) and UICN France. The ministry spoke about the “commission mixte inondation” as a place for debate for new flood prevention works before they are alloited a public funding. The idea of living with the risk was also raised. IUCN presented their work and vision about the role of both protection, NGO / citizens implication and nature based solutions such as renaturing rivers for reducing the damages of future floods. They presented the emergence of the NBS concept: it appeared with MEA in 2005, then UICN lobbied to integrate NBS in climate change adaptation agendas; and they announced the 2020 World Nature in Marseille. The idea of building on different conceptual frame was raised. The director of EPTB Seine Grands Lacs recalled the change of paradigm that was happening in the management of th…

IVE Survey workshop in Montpellier -11 - 13th december 2017

Elena, Roxane, Pedro, John and Nina met in Montpellier in mid-december to analyse the questionnaires realized, for a major part, by Roxane – IRSTEA. Monica joined remotely. The challenge was to identify core categories that would gave the structure of the narrative for the survey analysis and results. The methodology used was inspired by grounded theory and we coded more than 20 interviews, discussed, and organized the codes in categories. Among the overarching categories were knowledge (risk, hazard, climate change, NBS, uncertainty), risk perception, damages (culture of risks, perception and awareness), business models (insurance, instruments, finance), public policy and the regulatory context, but we did not reach a join architecture for these categories (work in progress). However, we drafted memos for the policy brief with main features and ideas.
Results of the analysis will be published in the first NAIAD policy brief as well in D7.1. Irstea will also published a detailed repor…